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Due Diligence

Due Diligence


At Prosync, we prioritize our clients' investments and risk management. Our primary objective is to ensure that all facts provided during the investment or transaction process are thoroughly verified. We aim to identify potential risks associated with the investment or transaction opportunity, which helps in avoiding any disastrous business deal.

Thorough financial due diligence based on evidence is crucial to any corporate acquisition. It helps to justify the acquisition's asking price and opens up opportunities for negotiating a better price on the buy-side of the deal.

On the sell side of a deal, a comprehensive financial due diligence process ensures that your company's accounting systems and financial reports are accurate, well-organized, and presented in the best possible light.


A poor financial due diligence effort can increase the transaction's risks while decreasing its value.

Prosync's global solution includes financial, tax, and other types of analysis to identify both the risks and opportunities of a proposed transaction. This allows our clients to make better decisions and negotiate better outcomes.


Our expert team is committed to providing due diligence for investors, corporates, banks, private equity firms, VC firms, and more when considering funding a management buy-out.

The scope of financial due diligence always depends on the specifics of the deal. However, the process typically involves a detailed analysis of historic performance, cash flows, assets, and liabilities. Our team also summarizes the key issues, associated risks, and implications for the transaction. We assess the working capital requirements of the business and review the underlying financial systems, controls, and tax liabilities.

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