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Business valuation

Business Valuation 


Financial Modelling

Whether you want to sell or purchase a business, seek funding for, or participate in a venture, using a business valuation expert to assist you evaluate and negotiate the best price is a smart idea. The business valuation, which is performed by our expert business valuer, will suggest how much your firm is worth and why; reveal errors, anomalies, and probable exclusions; and refer to prospective changes to boost the business value.

While business valuation services are extremely advantageous but not required for company selling or purchasing purposes, an independent, expert business valuation is frequently required by law for some taxes procedures,  shareholder, and other conflicts.

Corporate business Valuation and Startup Valuation services can be required for a number of purposes, including establishing the price when selling or buying a business and determining fair value for taxation or financial reporting. Apart from setting the business value, a business valuation can point to areas the buyer or seller had not previously delved into – it may highlight problems the business has, identify potential improvements and opportunities to increase the business value.

Business value can be determined by a number of approaches and methods, yet no one business valuation technique is definitive.

What is included in our Business Valuation Reports?

Our Business Valuation reports cover the following content:

  • Executive summary

  • Description, nature and scope of the business valuation assignment

  • Industry overview

  • Financial Model with business financial projections for five years, (for startups) including:
    a.    Summary of start-up/ pre-operative costs and funding requirements 
    b.    Sales projections by month
    c.    Cash Flow projections by month
    d.    Annual Profit and Loss account projections

  • Business overview: non-financial information

  • Business overview: financial information (historical and forecasts)

  • Valuation context

  • Valuation assessment

  • Conclusion of value

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