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Bid consulting

Bid Consulting

Bid Consulting is our blood, and so we strive to build a niche into specific sectors and domains. We formed a team that brings expertise to various business and technical domains. The bidding process can always be very challenging, and we understand that. To help simplify the process, we have a special panel of senior tender consultants who work with you and ensure a smooth bidding process. 

We assist clients in submission of Proposal/Bid on time and its entirety, with logistical assistance required to carry out the same.


Assist client at the Pre-bid meetings. We ensure that the client organization is compliant with local bidding processes and the respective tendering authority.

Coordinate receipt of key bid requirements like Bank Guarantee, Earnest Money, and other vital documentation. Follow-up and liaising with the Tendering Authority on behalf of the clients.
We are providing Local Taxes and duty information & helping with local registrations if any required for the project—assistance with complete Local Logistics.


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